Welcome to The Wandering Kitchen

The Wandering Kitchen is a mobile catering company based in Oxfordshire. The food The Wandering Kitchen offers is rustic, homemade and locally sourced. Good hearty home cooked food is what owners Ed and Jo love and their menus have been inspired by home cooked favourites from their childhood mixed with favourites that they have picked up on their travels.

The Wandering Kitchen’s gourmet burger menu aims to offer hungry workers an exciting alternative to the usual sandwiches and crisps on offer and something a little more satifying and filling. The Wandering Kitchen uses game (venison burgers, wild boar burgers and wood pigeon burgers) because it is sustainable and can be locally sourced.

The Wandering Feast is The Wandering Kitchen‘s own Street Food event that takes place on Harwell Campus, Milton Park and Abingdon Business Park in South Oxfordshire, find out more.

You can also hire The Wandering Kitchen for your own event, wedding or street food party.