We are Ed and Jo Chapman and we run The Wandering Kitchen. We founded The Wandering Kitchen in 2013 because we both missed the fast pace of the kitchen. We had both left the catering industry to pursue other things in our twenties, but it turned out that catering was in our blood.

After a holiday to visit my uncle in his restaurant in the South of France, we were even more convinced that this was what we should do. We discussed the idea of mobile catering as at the time we really didn’t know where we wanted to set up a premises. The idea was to do pop-up restaurants in village halls in the winter and festivals in the summer in a catering trailer.

When it came to what food we would offer, well that was the easy bit. Food to both of us is about ‘home’, eating together and with family and friends. We like all of the food that we serve at The Wandering Kitchen to feel like this, we don’t use a lot of fancy ingredients, we want to serve good quality, home cooked that is made with love. 

The rustic nature of our food has inspired the whole of The Wandering Kitchen brand, we wanted everything to feel rustic, homely and welcoming. We chose to build our catering trailer from recycled wood and our wedding rings even have wood running through them.

In 2019 we traded some of our wandering for the lakeside cafe at Oxford’s Wet n Wild near Wallingford. When we saw the café the doubts that we once had about a permanent premises disappeared as the inside of the café looked identical to our wooden trailer and matched our branding perfectly.

We now have a wonderful Wandering Kitchen team at the lake who bring our home cooked, rustic and welcoming vision to light!

Come and find us, pop OX10 7PQ in the sat nav!!